How to Get Started With Short-Term Rentals in the Mission Viejo Area

How to Get Started With Short-Term Rentals in the Mission Viejo Area

In 2022 alone, Los Angeles had over 46 million visitors.

If you're a property owner in Mission Viejo, these numbers should make you see dollar signs. When tourism is thriving, it's a great opportunity for homeowners and investors to get in on the short-term rental market. Turning your property into a vacation rental can bring in serious real estate income.

Only if you know what you're doing, however. In today's post, we'll tell you how to get started with short-term rentals in Mission Viejo. Keep reading and you'll have a solid blueprint to work from as a vacation rental owner.

Start with Great Rental Marketing

The first thing you need to do is create the perfect rental listing for your vacation property. Online listings are the first thing interested vacationers will see, so you need to use them to make a solid first impression.

Start by taking plenty of professional-quality photos of your property, then write a thorough description of the property, as well as any local amenities that renters might be interested in. The more information you can give in the listing, the easier it'll be for guests to visualize themselves there.

Once your listing is ready, post it on the rental platform of your choosing. You can take it to the next level by researching short-term rental trends and investing in SEO or paid ads to get more eyes on the listing.

Increase Guest Bookings With Competitive Pricing

Pricing is one of the trickier things to navigate when you're starting as a short-term rental owner. The surefire way to minimize rental vacancies is to offer competitive pricing that vacationers can't ignore.

Even places like Mission Viejo go through busy and slow times during the year. It's up to you to figure out sliding-scale pricing so that you can keep a steady stream of guests in your rental.

Do a bit of research on other local rentals. Keep your nightly prices a bit lower when starting to compensate for a lack of reviews.

Make Sure Guests Are Looked After

Finding guests is just one aspect of the job. Once you've got a guest, you need to do everything you can to ensure they're having a great time. The key to guest services is to be available but not overbearing.

Be around to answer any questions or solve problems that might arise. Other than that, you should remain invisible so that the guests have their privacy. You can opt to leave local travel tips or offer goodies from a local shop to enhance the guest experience.

When your happy guests check out, always ask them to leave a positive review. As you accumulate more of these, you'll be able to appeal to new guests without having to invest as much in marketing.

Hire Short-Term Rental Management Services

These tactics will ensure you secure short-term rental guests and keep them happy. When you start to see success with your vacation rental, life will become a lot busier.

If you're falling behind on your vacation rental duties, hiring a property manager is the best answer. PMI Mission Viejo can tackle every aspect of short-term rental management for you, from marketing and maintenance to guest services.

Contact us today to learn more about what we do.