Top 5 Vacation Home Rentals: Find Your Perfect Getaway

Top 5 Vacation Home Rentals: Find Your Perfect Getaway

When you picture a vacation in California, images of sun-drenched days by the water fill your mind. Many people dream of visiting California, and in 2023, over 253 million people made the Golden State their destination.

If you're visiting Southern California, you don't want to stay in an ordinary hotel. Vacation home rentals are the best way to truly get a feel for California life. Read on to learn about five of the best luxury retreats on the West Coast.

1. The Golf Getaway

Do you want to spend your days in the Golden State brushing up on your golf skills?

Selecting a short-term rental located within a golfing community is the best way to tee off as much as possible. Imagine waking up, enjoying a lovely breakfast on your covered patio, and then heading straight out for the golf course. At the end of the day, you can relax in the hot tub under the stars.

2. The Mid-Century Escape

Homes in Palm Springs and surrounding areas are well known for their mid-century architecture. Many people come to Palm Springs to tour historic homes and get a better look at the famous neighborhoods. There's no better way to embrace mid-century architecture than by staying in a mid-century vacation home.

Soak up the sun in the poolside loungers. Take in scenic mountain views while you're prepping dinner in the gourmet kitchen. You'll feel like you're the star in a vintage Hollywood film!

3. The Poolside Oasis

Nothing says California vacation than a rental home with a massive pool. Sure, you could go to the community pool in your hometown, but you wouldn't be surrounded by palm trees. You wouldn't be able to get a mountain view while working on your tan.

Get out your sunscreen and margarita mix, it's time to jump in!

4. The Secluded Hideaway

Life in the city is hectic. Sometimes, the best California vacation homes aren't located right in the middle of everything. They're located further out, where the most stressful thing you have to think about is cleaning the kitchen.

Picture a gated, Spanish-style home with a shaded pool area. You can read, swim laps, and partake in the incredible restaurant options nearby. You'll come home feeling completely restored!

5. The Palm Springs Experience

When you visit Palm Springs, you don't have to stick to a simple itinerary. You can do it all!

Consider staying at a vacation rental that is centrally located, allowing you to diversify your agenda. You can practice your golf swing, work on your tan, and eat some of the best cuisine you'll ever have, all in one day!

Finding Great Vacation Home Rentals Doesn't Have to Be Hard!

California has some of the best vacation home rentals on the market. There's an option for everyone, whether you're ready to hit the links or soak up the sun in peace. You won't regret making one of California's luxury retreats your next vacation destination!

Do you want a reliable resource for finding vacation homes in Southern California? PMI Mission Viejo is here to help you find the perfect spot. Contact us today to learn more about the holiday properties we have available!